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Getting a visa-debit

— by Matthew on March 24, 2021 —


The basic steps we will be going through are:

  1. Sign-up on the mobile app
  2. Transfer funds to your account on the app
  3. "Stake" (temporarily invest) CRO tokens for benefits on your Visa-debit card
    • ...wait for your card to arrive
  4. Activate and "top-up" your Visa-debit card
  5. View or reset your Visa-debit's PIN

Step 1 - Sign-up for a account

Section Summary

  1. Download the app
  2. Enter my referral code
  3. Sign-up
  4. Verify your identity
  5. Set a passcode
  6. Select payment currency
  7. Select which Visa-debit card you want

Download the app

Download the app for your device type

Enter my referral code

and begin by adding my referral code y4d5bb335q which sends a nice $25 of CRO to my account by the time you complete step 3.

After going through the feature advertisements...


you'll need to provide the typical sign-up details.

Verify your Identity

Like any bank, they do need to know who you are. This will require your name, government issued ID, and a selfie.

The sign-up phase is not complete yet, but there's a small wait. In my experience the wait is only a few hours and then you can return to the app to continue.

Set a passcode

Set a 6-digit passcode. If you ever forget this passcode, follow the reset instructions here provided by

Select payment currency

Choose the currency that your card will use (you most likely want to choose the currency where you live).

Now the sign-up process is complete. There are sevearl app features that will work at this stage, but you must continue these instructions if you want to receive a visa-debit card.

Select the Visa-debit Card you want

Go to the "Card" page. Should be on the right-side of the main bottom menu.

You can find a card comparison table and the most up-to-date info at The following details are based on information as of March 21, 2021.

Rewards come in several forms varying from cashback, paying for services (Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime), discounts, and other bonuses. If you are unsure what level to choose, go with minimal investment (Ruby Steel) because it is quite easy to upgrade at later.

Step 2 - Transfer funds into your account

Section Summary

  1. Transfer funds to
  2. Buy CRO ('s token)

Transfer funds to

Staking and the cashback rewards use's token, which is called CRO. The options for obtaining CRO are

  1. e-transfer CAD to the app
  2. transfer a supported crypto from another service
    • eg. you are already using another service (such as Coinsquare, Coinbase, or Bitbuy) and you want to transfer Ethereum from there.
  3. transfer a supported crypto from a private wallet
    • eg. you are already using a private wallet (such as Trezor, MEW, or MetaMask) and can transfer Ethereum from there.

You might be able to skip this step if you are able to purchase CRO with a credit/debit card. In my experience, most banks have blocked purchases to businesses affiliated with crypto. Follow these instructions (How to purchase CRO with a credit/debit card?) and hopefully your cards are not blocked.

Buying CRO

Once you have funded your account, you still need to exchange your funds for CRO. Make sure you purchase enough CRO to satisfy the card you have selected. In the case of the Ruby Steel card, I needed $500 CAD which worked out to 1,771 CRO.

  1. You should be able to find your CRO balance under "Accounts" -> "Crypto Wallet" -> " Coin"
  2. When you choose "Buy CRO" you should see the options to buy using "Credit Card", "Crypto Wallet", or "Fiat Wallet"
    • if you funded with option 1 from before, you'll choose "Fiat Wallet"
    • if you funded with option 2 or 3, you'll choose "Crypto Wallet"

Step 3 - Proceed with staking for selected card

Section Summary

  1. Stake CRO for 180 days
  2. Address verification
  3. Accept Terms & Conditions
  4. Name on card
  5. Wait for your card to arrive

Stake CRO for 180 days

When you have enough CRO, proceed with the "Purchase & Hold CRO for 180 days".

Address verification & some more questions

The final steps involves a few questions about your occupation and source of funds.

I'm not exactly sure why they want this information. My guess is that it's just for statical analysis and understanding the type of customers that are using their app.

Lastly, the address verification where you'll need to upload a photo of a utility bill, bank statement, or government correspondence.

*Make sure this document has the same name and address that you gave earlier or you will probably run into verification issues.

Accept Terms & Conditions

I'm sure you'll read through the whole thing like everybody else does.

Name on card

Finally, you need to confirm the name you want on the card. Since the character limit is 20, it is likely that you will have to remove your middle name or reduce it to its initial.

Wait for your address to be confirmed (or "Matched" as they call it).

Wait for your card to arrive

Now the rest is a waiting game. The "Card Issue Status" will go through these stages

  1. Pending
  2. Issued
  3. Shipped

Step 4 - Activate and top-up your card

Section Summary

  1. Top-up your Visa-debit card

Top-up your Visa-debit card

You top-up your card with funds from your other accounts.

Step 5 - View or reset the PIN for your card

Section Summary

  1. View PIN

View PIN

While you're on the "Card" page, there should be a card icon button in the top right corner that will take you to the details and settings for your visa-debit card.

View PIN steps

  1. Select "PIN"
  2. Choose "View PIN"
  3. Enter your birthdate
  4. Enter your passcode that you setup earlier.
  5. Touch the screen to reveal your PIN.


Staking vs Crypto-Earn vs Crypto-Credit

If your stake ever falls below the amounts of a tier, you will lose the benefits of that tier. The card will continue to work without the benefits.

Crypto-Earn is a way to invest your Crypto for a percentage. The APR (Anual Percentage Rate) is determined by the amount of CRO you have staked and the Crypto currency you are choosing to stake. You only get a percentage based on the Crypto you have deposited in the "Earn" account, not the CRO you have staked for the visa-debit rewards.

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