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Matthew Brisebois

Who am I?

I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.

Magnanimous I've been blessed with a mind that can model intrincate webs of causality and map its meaning in the world. Abilities like this can be used to enslave minds, or graduate them into a higher state of liberty. My vocation is to explore the mysterious unknown and create the bridge for understanding.
Ardent When I'm interested in something, the only option I see is unyielding passionate immersion until I fully understand the new interest. Sometimes this intensity is mistaken for frustration or annoyance but it probably just means I cannot control my excitement.
Tenacious The truth is a rare and precious thing; I am determined to learn it. Sometime's my persistence in truth seeking is overbearing for people around me.
Tactical “Work smarter, not harder”. You won't find me at the club, the mall, or taking Holiday's on the same day as everyone else. The way I see it, every minute spent waiting in line is a tactical miscalculation.
Honorable Trust may be the most valuable thing in the whole universe! Though a person cannot always be right, they can always be honest.
Enterprising Adventurous, ambitious, aspiring, daring, dashing, diligent, hardworking, industrious, intrepid. These are all the words the describe enterprising when you search on
Worthwhile When utilized, my confidence, energy, determination, and drive, can accomplish some amazing things. All these qualities and more contribute to why I am a productive, profitable, instrument of innovation.

A brief timeline of my career

  • 2009

    Website Builder

    First time building a website using Joomla!

  • 2010

    First PHP script

    I'm hooked for life

  • 2012

    First major contract

    Working for Enbridge Pipelines

  • 2014

    Node.js is the new Python

    Abandoned python due to lack of options for web development

  • 2018

    Discovered Holochain

    Way better than Blockchain

  • 2019

    Joined the Holo team

    Fulfilling my destiny

  • To be

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